This campaign is now put on indefinite hold. Things change but adventures are always there for those who seek them.

Welcome brave adventurers! Stay a while and listen!


This is the portal for the Boreanlands Campaign, played using D&D 5th Edition rules. It is completely optional, outside of RSVPing for events, but can be useful in a number of ways. It contains the following:

  • A Calendar for events (RSVPing and schedule changes)
  • A Forum for public discussions of affairs (both campaign specific and real life). I will also use it to point you to updates sometimes.
  • An Adventure Log to keep you updated (useful if you miss a session). This can also be used as a personal adventure log for your character (please title entries with [Character Name] Journal Entry #], eg: Vonin Journal Entry #4)
  • A Characters list, complete with pictures and biographies (both yours and NPCs)
  • A Dashboard (where you can check latest activity and message people privately)
  • Maps (with markers linking to Wiki entries)
  • A Wiki that will have entries on locations, events, items and various other things that can be linked to from other pages.

Please note that editing permissions are turned on for every Wiki and character entry, as well as the adventure log. So please be careful not to change content that isn’t relevant to your character’s backstory or personal adventure log.

Current adventurers:

Now draw yer daggers and spells, and let’s have at ’er!

- DM Athan

The Boreanlands

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