The Boreanlands

A Theater play to be remembered

Session 5


The group rushed towards the Theater of The Iron Company to be on time for the play. However much to certain party members’ chagrin, the viewing was actually dedicated to members of the official fanclub of the Iron Company. The representative encouraged them to become members of the fanclub by selling tickets to other people. 50 tickets would allow one to become part of the club.

However the party’s patience ran short and they decided to barge in through the balcony backdoor. There they saw an odd sight: a group of people sitting in the front row, mesmerized by the screen of the sun on the beach horizon, rising and setting with a shifting colors.

Certain party members were so enchanted that they sought to get closer and closer to this projection. However it proved to be a dangerous endeavor, the sun hissed as members came onto the stage and passed through its screen. Eventually levitating creatures with a body like a giant exposed brain and a frontal beak, below which trails ten long pale olive-green tentacles, standard confronting those that had ventured too far, seemingly prompted by the sun on the stage. Not long after, the dozen audience members also stood up to confront the party, as well the sun itself began assaulting them with condition-afflicting rays.

The battle was tense and long, as the group often tried to avoid killing fans while defending themselves from an onslaught of pecks, tentacles and mind-altering rays the sphere that made up the run, which was soon revealed to be some type of lesser beholder! In the process, 3 party members fell but the battle was over as soon as the floating stalk eyed aberration was felled, releasing the over eager fanclub members from its psychic hold, but not before some of them were lost as collateral damage.

The city guard was being called so the group had little time to quickly revive its fallen party members, gather their bearings and scrounge for whatever they could get before bolting. The mage presumed that the beholder must have come from another realm, either summoned by someone here or sent from the realm it came from. On its body they found a Brutal Staff, a Stone of Good Luck and an Eye of Psychic Influence.

Having almost been completely wiped out, the party crashed in their bedrooms and rested for the night.

The next morning, Content Not Found: null was eager to track the whereabouts of his squire Dennis, who had now been gone for a full day. He apparently frequented a courtesan by the name of Bella. He was first pointed to the longest running bawdy house in the Red Light District, which was run by Madame Vala. She informed him that while Bella used to be one of her girls, she had recently started her own business on the other side of the canal, the House of Bella, that only opens at night.

The party took a look at the building, which seemed completely devoid of any activity. While they waited, certain members tried to gather some information in the local pubs in the area. Apparently the House of Bella was a relatively exclusive and very expensive courtesan house that charged double the price of even the most well established bawdy houses. Bella herself was even more above of that high price range, but she sometimes made exceptions for young men she was said to find particularly attractive.

While they could not find someone who had had a first hand experience with Bella herself, they did find a recent client of one of her other girls: Daniella, a young brunette with short sexy hair. The patron kept wondering where Bella kept find all those young girls who seemed to all be newcomers to the business.

Once night time hit, a group of women, flanked by guards, entered the House of Bella. The party then attempted to gain entrance by first going in a few at a time. The group’s rogue Carybdis and its dragonborn monk Eskiath first tried to enter on the premise that Eskiath was interested in getting some services. The guards said that Bella wouldn’t service a dragonborn but Carybdis bribed them and they reconsidered, eventually letting them in after Bella gave the okay. She was completely taken aback by what she called the hideousness of the dragonborn, and asked him what he had in mind exactly. The duo seemed to opt for a more visual experience…


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