The Boreanlands

Excerpt from the Journal of Sir Gareth von Koenig.

Our first meeting and first foray....

With our arrival in Val-Vale and the not to terribly dire circumstances we face, Jeaves, Dennis, Jeanine and I have found a suitable Inn to take up a short stay while we figure out what we are going to do about continuing on with our quest. After our arse kicking buy the much larger Goblinoid warband attack, we find ourselves short of Horses, Supplies and Funds to continue on, But I am sure that we will prevail. Being that this city is in a fairly active area, we shouldn’t find it to hard to find work… matter what it is, Even if Jeaves can be a pompous arse at times. His profound use of the courtly arts sometimes gets in the way. I must talk to him about this….I know its what he is trained to do, But i’m still, after all these years, not really comfortable with it. Dennis brought me a few job notices, guards for hire and such, mostly low wage, highly dangerous, get dead quick stuff. Jeanine is the image of uncertainty and looking lost. I shall have a talk with her in private when possible. As we sit in the main common room of this well to do establishment, No doubt chosen by Jeaves. We are not alone, for in the room we are accompanied by an Elf of obvious Arcane abilities, a Human of mixed skills Fighter/Rogue maybe, a curious looking creature of a race that i have only heard about. A Dragonborn??, But one of the Temple arts for sure, And last but not least a Dwarf. Who has definitely fallen far from the norms of his kind…A druid….It seems that we have all been brought here either by accident or design. For we are being watched by a Guard wearing the City Livery i wonder what this means. This summons that Dennis found on the central job board was very vague to say the least, what with all the rumors floating around. i am sure that we are bound to find a good quest….


Well as i imagined, It didn’t take long to get something going. Our party has been hired on to retrieve an item from the ruins of the old Majus Academy ruins to the west. We have been given a small supply of 3 Potions of Healing and 5 Healing kits, along with horses to get to the ruins about a half days ride. We are to recover said Item, an amber orb of some power and as per Janis the Just and Herinous’s instructions to return it to him. It is allegedly a component for some magical art, that for which i have little understanding of. This ha the makings of a potentially interesting day…..


Well after our half days ride and not really getting to know to much from my fellow party members, we came upon the ruins…a simple cardinal points construction a four equal in size buildings and the main tower rising above. It is all in quite a state of disrepair to down right rubble. I direct my Jeaves, Dennis and Jeanine to take care of our horses while we investigate the east wing. that is after all where we were directed to go. So we climb the stairs, My taking the lead, My sword and shield drawn. Where upon coming to the large landing, A body shrouded in mist appears, at about @60ft distance from me. As well as another creature from our left. Sensing that there is no way to surprise these things, whatever they are. We all spring into action. I engage the mound of putrid smelling jello after i switch from my sword to my flail. The other creature isn’t a body shrouded in mist, but a Gelatinous Cube with a body suspended inside. The battle rages on for a minute, spells and weapons are employed to defeat them. Two of us having suffered engulfments. Myself included we had to heal, But while doing the rest of the party splits up. One going to the north room, and other to the south room. The north room ends up being an old armory with rusted weapons and armor of various types, nothing salvageable, But we do get an attack from an animated set of weapons. We defeat those quite easily. There we find an old leather tube with a piece of parchment and a longsword, which our Elven wizard claims that is cursed. So we leave it in it case. More to come when we are finished investigating the other areas.


Now having some more time after our short rest, I can finish telling our first couple of hours. the north room as having been formerly noted i will only document what the piece of scrap paper said. Written in a very practiced hand of decent writing.

" I let my new assistant try his hand at enchanting some armaments. Naturally he failed, but the extent of his failure even i couldn’t fathom."

I can only guess as to what other armaments that were possibly enchanted, But the cursed vicious longsword is an example that we all should be careful about. Although it is tempting even though cursed, this sword may give us an edge when /if needed.


Now as for the main entrance hall we entered, a desk/lab table was found against the east wall along with a chest, both were searched. A total of 4gp, and the ruined gear of the body that was suspended in the GC. i searched the desk, and with my observant nature i also found another scrap of paper with the following. (Not sure if written by the same hand as the note before.

“Dalan had a brillant idea. He found away to teach those lazy students how to stop making mistakes when playing Golem chess. He enchanted the tiles to trigger a pillar of fire when a piece is moved improperly, destroying the piece in the process, and putting that player in strict disadvantage. That should teach them!.”

Of course finding this scrap of info, and then discovering the room with the chess game in it. Plus my knowledge of the game. We were able to bypass that obstical, But not before we also had to break down the SE door to get around the rest of the fire. Where upon we found another room behind a crumbling wall.

We continue pushing forward after having taken the aforementioned short rest, to regain some health and spell power. Although having a party of total strangers work together thus far is an education in and of itself. Still trying to put names with faces, Vonin the Dwarf Druid, Eskith the Dragonborn Monk, Kildar(sp) the Elven wizard and Charibdyss(sp) the Fighter/Rogue, we have done ok. Must work on team work and coordination….will write more when the time comes…

Treasure found so far:
- Vicious Longsword cursed.


We have discovered another crumbled wall with another room behind it, That wall is blocked by a large empty crate, There is a large blood smear on the floor that heads to the northern passage. I can hear alot of babbling coming from down the hall. Not getting alot of time to actually map this are. Scanned the area with my divine sense ability, But didn’t find any trace of Celestial, Fiendish or Undead creatures within the immediate area. I have used two of the 4 available to me as granted by Silvanus. Ive used up all my healing ability for the day from the last encounter. Took some heavy hits, but nothing permanent. We have already commited some tactical blunders, but we are still not working together completely yet.
I am steadfast in pushing forward……It’s only been an hour so im sure my staff and the horses are going to be alright.


As the party moves on further into the East wing. Sir Gareths retinue of staff busy themselves with hobbling the horses, feeding and watering them. Jeaves maintains a vigilant watch, Dennis is minding the horses and Jeanine is assisting Dennis. They occasionally make comments when they hear noises of battle coming from the East wing.

Dennis: “oh here we go, haven’t even been here 10 mins and we are already fighting something.”
Jeanine: “Yes I know, I’m sure that our liege is going to be alright.”
Dennis: “Yes I know he will, It’s the others that i’m worried about, especially that Elf wiz, Boy does he look shady. The lizard looking thing, what is that?..It’s isn’t natural is it?…”
Jeanine: “oh come on Dennis, why do you have to be so judgemental and dare i say a bit racist at times. we have been partnered up with some much less savory people before…you remember the time just outside Sembar, That creepy guy, the beggar who turned out to be a red wiz….”
Dennis: “Shush woman, I don’t want to talk about that, I still have a craving cheese…..”
Jeaves: “Keep it down you two. We don’t want to attract any attention to us. Remember, that’s how we got caught up in that ambush by the Orc’s.”
Dennis and Jeanine (in unison): “Yes Jeaves we remember.”
Jeaves (in a condescending tone): “Good , but remember I’m the senior squire, so you have to call me Squire not Jeaves. I have earned that title and as we all know Titles are important if we are to show, The unwashed masses of Common folk that we are above them, because we Know best. understand!?.”
Dennis and Jeanine (in unison and with disdain) “yes Squire.” They whisper to them selves “What a pompous arse.” As they go back to there duties…..


This is getting pretty darn entertaining, let me tell you!

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