The Boreanlands

Excerpt from the Journal of Sir Gareth von Koenig.

We went deeper into The East Wing.

So there we were, in this other room, Kilder had just spotted a foul looking creature, It was writhing mass of amorphous mouths, all of them emitting an obnoxious scream of sorts. Kilder had cast Flaming sphere, So far his favorite spell. He then cast Acid Arrow which hit home, as Carybdis being wary as usual, decides to prepare for melee, draws his weapon and approaches carefully, Although it seems he got too close. As Carybdis starts to suffer from the noise, Vonin wild shapes into a Dire wolf and moves into the room through the dual hallway, encountering a 2nd amorphous mass of mouths, It begins to shriek as well. I as well moved forward down the left hallway, and came with in sight of the first creature. I drew my bow and let fly an arrow, It hits with a solid thud. Injuring the creature enough to make it gibber even more. Then something we never expected, Eskiath who moves up to engage the creatures as he usually does, but he stops short, The look on his face (its hard to read a dragonborn face) I was trying to figure out if he had succumbed to the gibberish the creatures were saying or if he was suffering from a disease, But he opened his mouth and out came this 5ft wide 30ft long stream of fire that burns the creature badly. To which it begins to wail in agony. The sound is deafening as Vonin, Myself and Eskiath are caught in its blast. Vonin and I do not seem to be affected by this. We both shake it off, But Eskiath who either wasn’t ready or the concentration to breath fire must really take it’s toll, just stands there his eyes glazed over. Not seeming to understand what just happened. More to follow……


As I was writing previously, With Eskiath looking a bit confused after the wailing attack, the 2nd mouth creature approaches me, It vomits from it’s multiple mouths a sickly, sticky fluid that lands on both Vonin and Eskiath, blinding them. I am in a precarious position, As I have my Bow out, which is not a very effective melee weapon. I drop my bow and begin to fall back, drawing my Longsword and with both hands strike the 2nd mass of mouths as i step back. I barely make contact with it, as the 1st mass of mouths then proceeds to spew it’s own sickly, sticky fluid. I am temporarily blinded. I am able to move back a few feet, actually staying on my feet.
(the next events are either what i have heard or am able to figure out while i’m blinded.)

Kilder then moves his fire sphere, ramming it into the 1st mass injuring it significantly. Carybdis fires his bow at it, hitting it, killing it. Since it’s wailing seems to have stopped. I can hear Carybdis yelling directions to Eskiath i believe. I hear a wolf growl, Must be Vonin attacked the 2nd creature, using his other senses to locate it. unsure of whether he hit it or not. By the sounds of the commotion in front of me It seems that Eskiath is able to reengage the 2nd creature. (Is he no longer confused and blinded???.) Not sure how effective he was, then i hear what sounds like Eskiath being gravely wounded in return. After a few more minutes the blindness subsides, fearing the worst i look around and find the we are all still alive. banged up and at about 50% of our spell casting and healing resources.

Note to self: make sure to purchase more healing potions when we get back to town. at least 2 per party member.


Yes quite the morning we are having so far, So i will continue on with my writting.

After we killed the last creature, I recover my bow. I equip my shiled and we move further into the East wing. The hallway opens into a 30×30ft room. It was probably a classroom/meeting hall of some type. There are only 2 pieces of furniture still standing, A large desk on the west wall and a mirror on the north wall. I stand guard waiting at the ready for anything else to wonder our way while we investigate. There is a door that is wedged shut in the East wall. We leave that alone for the moment. Kilder casts his Detect Magic spell and finds that the mirror glows. He determines that it must be some kind of portal. As he is doing this Carybdis and Eskiath decide to block the hallway with the desk. I move into the room so as to not be blocked by it. When Eskiath and Carybdis moved the desk, a scrap of paper was found with some writting on it. I didn’t get to see it, so i have no idea what was written on it.
The next few minutes go by as we try different things with the mirror to make sure it is safe to cross through it. Then Vonin decides to pass through it, after a couple of minutes, his paw comes from the other side motioning us to follow suit. I light a torch and step through the mirror.
(Having never experienced that kind of magic, it was a bit disorienting at first.)
I find that this room is full of broken furniture, It used to be some kind of private office. (teacher maybe?.)

As the rest of the party finishes the defenses, they also proceed to step through the mirror. When are all assembled back together, I am finally able to see the scrap of paper. It reads
“I’m tired of walking down these twisted corridors to reach my classroom from my office, I’ll whip up something for me to get to it directly.”

more to follow…..


So we continue on with our searching of the “office”…
So as we continue to search the office, I sift through the wreckage as Eskiath, Kilder and Carybdis, investigate the wedged metal door they have found in the east wall. As im sifting through the debris, I find a scroll with a note attached to it. The note says:

“I caught one of my students using this scroll during his elemental language exam.”

So i gave the scroll to Kilder, who spent the time identifying it. Says its a scroll of comprehend languages. So we put it into the party treasure/fund.

We also take the time to search the room for any secret doors, we find none. Carybdis in trying to force open the Metal door on the east wall bends his crowbar, rendering it useless for the time being. Kilder also has a crowbar, I use it to successfully pry open the door. In the room we see a dead body, I scan the room with my divine sense ability to try to locate any Celestial, Fiendish or Undead creatures. Finding none We force the door to open completely. That’s when we hear the crackling noise coming from the room. Carybdis and myself, see that in the NW corner is an Amber glow, there is also a bunch of pieces of the remians of armor that is useless. So we signal Kilder to enter the room, we tell Kilder about the Amber glow, so he decides to investigate it himself. While we are in the room (maybe 10 minutes) Kilder all of a sudden goes running out of the room yelling "Get Out Now!!. And he steps through the mirror. Carybdis and I were caught off guard as he does so, Not noticing that the armor pieces have assembled themselves into an animated armor statue in the Ne corner, as well as another one in the SE corner, Then the Amber glow becomes much stronger as a 3rd Armor assembles itself. We are attacked, Carybdis is behind me next to the doorway. I get attacked by the SE corner armor, It hits me with a tremendous blow, injuring me significantly, but before i can recover from that blow, I am once again hit just as hard by the larger animated armor for the NW corner. I am left very badly injured, a bit shaky as i stay standing. I hear Eskiath behind me getting ready for battle, Vonin our Dire wolf flattens himself against the wall. I disengage from the room, drawing a Cure wounds potion in the process…..


As this fight drags on for what seems an hour, we finally defeat the animated armors but at the cost of the of our spell castings for the day, some of being injured severely, I think Eskiath was actually rendered unconscious and dying at one point. Vonin soaked up so much damage that it over came his ability to stay in wild shape form, and becomes a dwarf again. This was a tough fight for all of us, Vonin uses his healing magic on all of us, Not sure what he has left for spells, I’m down to just 2 spells left, one of which is of no use in hear. Kilder is pretty much in the same situation. So we take a short rest to gather our wits about us, Carybdis in the mean time searches the body we found, On it was just regular mundane weapons and armor, But we find 20gp and a magic ring, which Kilder identifies as a Ring of Minor Featherfall. To which Carybdis ends up wearing it. We continue the search into the next room, which we got too by moving the mirror to the west wall.
It turns out to be a library, We search and all we are able to locate is a scroll of Magic Missile, To which Kilder holds onto, with the intent of transcribing into his spellbook. After a brief discussion about whether we take a long rest at this point, The party makes the decision to not do so, (My opinion: That was a mistake). So we move on to the next room we find…….more to come…..


We have entered a new room off the library, It is dominated by a large ornate water Fountain surrounded by a pool of water. Kilder casts mage hand into the water, since he has located a magic gem at the bottom of the 10ft pool. He grabs it, which in turn awakens a sleeping water elemental (Do they even sleep??.), This battle ends up raging on for awhile, depleting or remaining spells and healing. Although we haven’t touched the healing kits yet. I think the 3 potions of healing at this point have been used up. When we killed the Water Elemental, it;s form returned into the Sapphire Gem. Kilder determines that if we break the sapphire in a future combat, That the elemental will be controlled by us. He also thinks that it’s a one time use. We are pretty much used up by this point, but we continue on to the last room in this part of the building. In it is a bunch of skeletons, we enter cautiously, hoping that they don’t animate. We search the room, where we find amongst the skeletal bodies that which we have been seeking…An Amber Sphere..With a note attached It reads:

“Ah my sweet Anna I have finally found you.”

I pick it up and hand it to Kilder, who identifies it as the item we are looking for. We again discuss whether we should take a long rest or keep going……..

Party Treasure up to this point: carried by Sir Gareth unless stated otherwise.)
Vicious Longsword in a protective tube.
Scroll of Comp Langs. (Kilder)
Scroll of Magic Missile. (Kilder)
Ring of Minor Featherfall. (Carybdis)
Gem of The Water Elemental.
Amber Sphere…
24 GP’s.

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