The Boreanlands

Inner-City Encounters with the Thieve's Guild

Session 4


During a prolonged battle with the muggers who demanded the Mysterious Rod, the party was almost at the end of its means. Carybdis who had the rod started making off to draw the attackers away, but not before one of them stole Gildor’s spellbook.

The hunters became the hunted as Gildor would go to any length to recuperate the manuscript of all the spells he possessed. The thief entered a tavern, which the party rushed, which was clearly a front for a bigger organization.

After making demands and being invited over, the party decided to withdraw and come back with more resources. The got all the information they could out of one of the thief’s they captured: the person who was putting pressure to retrieve the rod was some kind of mage which, through the guildmaster of the Dark Ravens Zephyr, had originally hired a group to recuperate the rod, and offered 500gp per person to the party that would bring it to him.

While resting, Vonin, the party’s Druid, went scouting the thieve’s guild hideout in rat form. There he saw an underground sewer leading to the guild and overheard one of the men saying: “Zephyr hopes those guys will show up, he doesn’t want to deal with that mage anymore.”

The party tried to sneak in through the sewers but we quickly spotted. They were however invited over. They met Zephyr who told them that he had handed Gildor’s spellbook to the client who wanted the rod they possessed, and that they should go see him if they wanted it back. That in fact, he would much prefer it if they did that given that he wouldn’t have to send more men after them. The party agreed and left under the eyes of dozens of the guild’s rogues.

The party identified the rod: an unstable implement capable of opening a portal at a random place 10 feet within the caster which could release a beast similar to the one that they saw in the Majus Ruins. This beast will likely be aggressive to everyone unless it is controlled by a certain circlet that was not in their possession.

The party went to the mage’s house, where the door opened for them like magic. They met him and Gildor quickly recognized him as Edwin, a mage he and his brother had stolen something from long ago. To the party’s surprise, the mage was sitting with a man that looked exactly like Gildor.

After a few brief exchanges, the party convinced the mage to give them 3000gp and the spellbook in exchange for the rod. Edwin agreed and told them to leave.

Gildor later explained that the man sitting with Edwin was his twin brother that he had lost contact with after Edwin had attacked them when they stole artifacts from him. However after seeing him, he realized that his brother Beryn didn’t seem to recognize him at all.


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