The Boreanlands

Session 3, The last room before we leave the East wing.

Excert from Sir Gareths Journal...

So we assemble our battle scarred and a bit ragged team to investigate the last room past the crumbled wall. According to our map there are two rooms to our east that move north. Since we are at this time pretty depleted in combat power, and (Kilder)Gildor doesn’t want to have a long rest here in the east wing. We decide to push on, So Vonin our shapeshifter Druid decides to go in alone and scout out the area. He shapes himself into that familiar Dire wolf shape and move in after we tie 100ft of rope around him. “Just in case he gets attacked.” He moves in stealthily at first, he disappears around the corner and we loose sight of him. Gildor decides that he wants to be able to see him, so he also jumps the wall and moves forward. But soon the available light is too dim for him to see. So we all wait for the walls to come crashing down on us.

(From the perspective of Vonin from his description when he comes back to report to us what he has found.)

He says that there is a broken second floor above that he says is a large chest. But he left it alone. He also reports that there is a fairly large crevasse going down the middle of the room. So he Wild shaped into a giant spider, and tried to cross the crevasse, but he says he slipped and fell into it.

(How does one who is shaped shifted into a giant spider with 8 legs and can spin a web fall!!??.)

He says that he fell an undetermined distance before he caught himself by using his we ability. He crossed over to the other side, and climbed up the crevasse wall. He arrives on the other side, where upon he discovers another chest with a blanket covered skeleton clutching a note.

(So back to the rest of the party.)

At this time Eskiath, Carybdis and myself are wondering what is going on, so we jump the wall to be able to better support Vonin if need be. Then we hear Gildor casting a spell, which catches us a bit off guard. But it’s only mage hand, he is checking the chest to see if it’s locked. Which it is. So he calls for Carybdis to climb up and help him with it. So i tie off the end of the rope to the a large section of the crumbled wall.

Be right back, need to go kill something…….


Ok so i’m back, That chest came alive!!..

So as i was writing, Gildor and Carybdis found a chest, they both work together to pick the lock, The lift the lid only to find 2 eyes staring back at them, We end up fighting what is described as a Mimic. So we start fighting it, But things get even better. From under the rubble on the floor out come 2 animated carpets attacking me and Eskiath. He gets enveloped right away by one. Gildor jumps down and away from the Mimic and right into the middle of the carpet fight. He stops long enough to shoot the first carpet, then leaves the room. Thats when Vonin hearing the commotion and using his completely indescipherable motions as a spider to communicate with us.

(really need to explain to him, that this doesn’t work as a spider.)….


After a few minutes of combat we finally vanquish the 2 rugs and the mimic.. Since at some point in the battle i got enveloped and smothered to unconsciousness, after Gilder tried to burn the rug, Since i’m in Metal Armor. The intensity of his magical fire affected me…

(Now i know what a pot roast feels like.)

After Carybdis feeds me one of my healing potions I come too, when the battle is done. I use my second potion to further bolster my health as Vonin brings me a piece of parchment which reads….

“I look out the window and i can’t recognize what plane i’m on. It feels like the walls are moving. Those damn imbeciles perched up in that forsaken tower. I curse the day we allowed them to conduct there experiments without oversight. [Freedom from the strangles of bureaucracy] they said, For the progress and more discovering and arcane findings. I hope thier findings was worth dooming all of us.”

Well now we have an idea of what happened here….So we continue to investigate…..


We don’t find much else in the room, although we do find another parchment upon which is written:

" Dallan just left to go find Anna with help of his Amber Stone he spent days imbuing. If anything it could help locate her in this arcane maze. Dead or Alive, It’s certainly that.
All alone now, I’ve given up. Guide me to the light oh wise Oghma."

Vonin investigates the crevasse further, before we know it. He is coming from the way we came in.

(How did he do that??.)

He moves over to the other chest we can’t seem to get open. So he kicks it into the crevasse, where we hear a crash further into the east wing. So we all go back to the office with the mirror, and find that it has passed through a portal and landed on the hard stone floor destroying it’s contents. Oh well…..
So we decide to leave the east wing, We join up with my retinue, which has spent the last few hours Guarding the horses. We ride for an hour, bought we end up succumbing to out own fatigue. We make camp, which nothing happens during the night. Feeling refreshed, we head back to the city of Val-Vale, for some reason Carybdis starts to act strangely, I don’t know why. As we approach the City gates we are stopped by the City Guard, wanting to know our business. We don’t give them much information besides saying we are here to see The Wizard Heironious. After awhile we are let past the gates and onto the Wizard.

Once we have gained our audience with him, I proceed to give him the Amber stone, and explain to him what happened on our journey to get it. While speaking with Hieroniuos, Janis the Just also comes to speak with us, to which i present to him the cursed sword we found. Hopefully it can have the curse lifted from it, so we can use it. Although Janis doesn’t believe that it will be possible, but said that it would be given a try to do so.
After our discussions and expressing interest in going back to investigate the West wing of the ruins. We leave with our payment of 500 Gp and go to the Five Dragon Inn for a couple of days of Rest and recuperation.

(Yeah right, with this crew something is bound to happen.)


So as we wait for our next audience in 2 days with Janis, we all do our seperate activities.
-Vonin goes to the Temple of Torm, seeking a sage, Then arrives at the Temple of Sylvanus to pray.
-I go to Temple(Sylvanus) to seek guidance and pay my Tithe(10%).
I am given a Lessor candle of Invocation by the High Priest.
-Gildor goes to Timlinks Amazing Emporium to barter components. He took the tongue and teeth from the Mimic. Which nets everyone another 20gps.
- Not sure what everyone else does during this time.

On the way back, I buy a new set of Splint mail Armor, and Sell my Chain Mail. That’s a nice tidy upgrade. I have Dennis and Jeaves make the proper adjustments to my armor when i get back to the Inn.

After everyone gets back, My staff retires to our rooms, and i meet the rest of the group in the dining area. We mostly discuss parts of Carybdis’s past, when we are rudely interrupted by this shyster selling tickets to a local theater production. So we finally agree to get tickets, He leaves us alone.
Carybdis explains that his previous crew and recovered an item for a fee, but something went wrong and he had to hide it. It’s a magic rod of undetermined power, which in the heat of the chase, he had passed through the Temple of Torm and hid it. Apparently his previous crew was murdered during this time.
We decide to catch the late showing of the Theater production, It was above average, we enjoyed it. We go back to the Inn, For a hopefully uneventful end of the night. While we go back to the dining room, Carybdis acts a little strangely, to the presence of a dark cloaked figure…
(Not sure what that’s about)

We also find a group of very drunk, boisterous, loud mouth fools in the bar at the Inn. They are bragging about that they are the “Company of The Fire Circle” and how they have just survived the West Wing of the Magus Ruins. Gildor takes exception to there claims and confronts the in a rather abrupt manner. After some huffing and puffing they want to take it outside, So Gildor obliges. Weapons get drawn, but before they get really ugly, Gildur cast thunder wave at the “ringleader” of the group. He gets thrown back. His Armor disintegrating in the process. His “crew” decide that there fun time is over and pick up there friend and leave. We go back in to the Inn.

(Apparently Gildur hasn’t had enough fun for the night, So while the rest of us get a drink. He approaches the Dark cloaked figure.)

Nothing comes of the short talk they have. We all retreat to our rooms for the night……


We all wake up the next morning, Not feeling very well. We all seem to have a compulsion to go see that damn play again. I get up to go check on my staff, But i find Jeanine lready in the hallway, she seems upset. When i find out that Dennis is missing. I wake up Jeaves, I have a brief conversation with him. I send him on his way to find Dennis, apparently has fancied himself a ladies man. Has been going to the red light districts during our travels for companionship, It has been kept a secret from me for awhile now. I tell Jeanine to watch our things while Jeaves is gone. I meanwhile go to the dinning room for breakfast and to meet up with the rest of the party….
After breakfast, we gear up to go to the Temple of Torm to get the aforementioned rod for Carybdis….Which he hid in plain sight on the Statue in the middle of the square…We are immediately accosted by a group of brigands who exclaim…" Give us the rod now!’’…

(Oh what a wonderful day this is turning out to be….)

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