The Boreanlands

Session 4...The Temple of Torm Square, A male statue and his rod, all wanted by a bunch of men in leather and tights....

Excerpt from Sir Gareth's Journal....

So there we are in the Square, having recovered the rod and we get accosted by a group of brigands. Which among there number are 2 former colleagues of Carybdis….This group of murder hobos make claims of Carybdis being a Traitor, murder, etc. During a very brief conversation, arrows begin to fly…Here in this nice square dedicated to Torm. The onslaught of battle carries on for what seems an eternity…The surrounding civilians scattering to get away from the battle….At some point Carybdis tries to fool our opponents bu throwing his crowing like it was the Rod, They had a slight resemblance to each other, across the square. While hiding the real rod. They apparently don’t fall for the trick. they press on even harder. It’s no longer a fight for the Rod, but for our eradication… After several spells and repulsed attacks, Gildor is felled and i am racked with a devastating blow. Carybdis runs from the square, getting our attackers to follow him. Vonin’s attacks having found there marks as well as Eskiaths. I am able to fell the leader of the pack before hs is able to give chase, but not before one of the brigands ends up stealing something from Gildor. We have no idea what he has taken until later on…I use my lay on hands to heal myself, saving some to go stabilize Gildur, But Eskiath gets to him before me. pouring a potion into his mouth. Vonin shapeshifts into a spider and climbs the building to follow the brigands from the roof tops. As we hear someone yells


As the running battle starts to pass through side streets and back alleys. I call upon Sylvanus to guide my hand in this battle, and i am guided to my vowed foe, but fail to fell him. Even Eskiath and Gildur get their shots in before he escapes. We then notice that more foe’s start coming out of the different doorways. This fight is quickly going against us. We decide to retrograde our position and regroup sans Carybdis.

Vonin locates the tavern where the Thief has gone too, and directs us to it. We approach the doorway, but are stopped by a doorman. After a brief conversation we rush the door. After a stand off. Gildur gives them an ultimatum of 3 hours to return his property, which we find out is his spellbook. Those present in the bar don’t really take him seriously. So he fire bolts part of their alcohol supply behind the bar to show he means business….


So we retreat to the Inn, being Joined by Carybdis along the way. He has some explaining to do. When we arrive back at the inn, The deadline comes and goes….We take stock of our losses….Gildors spellbook is gone, but we picked up 150 gp from a little surprise from Carybdis…a prisoner…so we interrogate this prisoner for information about his group. During this process, he gets bluffed by Carybdis into making him believe that he left the Ravens to join a more powerful party. Namely Gildor and his Dragon born army….

(An Army of One!!..)

We get names, locations, defenses, etc…from our captive. We also get the story about the rod……more to come….


So after an extended conversation with our captive, we get the following names:
- Zephyr wants the rod…his commission for its recovery was 500gp/man in his crew. So he wants it back.
- Jawbone and Louis were mentioned, not sure who they are…probably former colleagues of Carybdis.
- The Dark Ravens are one of the largest guilds in the city, approx 30-50 in the underground hideout/HQ’s.
- Zephyr was working for a powerful mage to get the rod.

So we have a bigger problem then this first turned out to be. So we make a plan to scout out the area, but first we go see Janis the Just. To turn over our captive. It proves to be not a very pleasant meeting with Janis at the Barracks. He disapproved of our little foray. But did provide us with healing and a safe place to keep our prisoner, But also explained that the City guard was reluctant to get involved in what he termed our own private matter. We go back to the Inn….

Vonin decides to shape shift into a rat and go scout for us. He is gone for awhile. The rest of us wait at the Inn, fighting this ridiculous urge to go see that stupid play again….When Vonin gets back, he explains to us the layout and security of the hideout.. It’s very well defended, but not impossible to get into. So we decide to go into the sewers, But i have to follow 100ft behind so as to not give away our position.

(Scale mail isn’t very stealthy.)

So we go into the sewers, My candle lit and stuck to the top of my helmet. Giving me a boost to my abilities and a light source. Although it still doesn’t make me very confident in this plan…

We move forward, Gildor approaches the guarded door and tries to get them in a charm spell. Of course what do you expect happened….It failed…In retaliation the Guard steps to the side, opens the door and says…“Come on in, you are expected.” We are given explicit directions to follow. So we enter and follow the directions given to us. We enter into a meeting room, with several doors and 3 men waiting for us. One being the thief who stole Gildurs book, and Zephyr. The 3rd man leaves after we start talking.
zephyr wants us to finish his job for him, He wants nothing more to do with the Magic Rod or Gildurs spellbook. As a matter of fact to ensure that we do his bidding, He informs us that he has already passed possession of Gildurs spellbook to the Wizard who wants the rod. Gildur is not happy about it, Zephyr also explains that he and his people will not interfere in our dealings as long as we do our part, In dealing with the wizard. He also says that his payment was going to be 500gp/man that was originally in the heist. He wants no more dealings with the wizard, he also says that we could have future dealings on a mutual friendly basis if we follow through. Although he does express disappointment in Carybdis’s treachery as he put it.

So we are encouraged to leave the hideout and we are watched as we go. With the information we have on the house and the wizards location, we go and make the exchange. We arrive a short time later at the house. Its a fairly well to do home, moderately appointed.
When we arrive, the door opens almost immediately by its self. We are shown by opening doors which way to go.


So after a few seconds of pause we all walk into the room not knowing what to expect. In to the room we go, it is a fairly large room and well appointed with furnishings and book shelves. There are 2 men standing there, One looks very familiar, well at least by the looks on Gildor face. The wizard turns to us, and introduces himself as Edwin. I have heard the name before, but not sure where from. Some time in my past travels. Edwin greets Gildur with a none to friendly hello. They talk about the Rod, his spellbook and a somewhat murky past between them. Gildur even gets close enough to recognize that it is his longlost twin brother standing there. But it seem that his brother recognizes him at all. His brother has a very distant stare to him. As if he is being controlled by someone or something.
We also hear Gildur’s childhood name for the first time, something that is usually only said between close immediate family members. It is “Aaron” and his brothers name is Jerrold/“Beryn”. From my guess, since Jerrold is an Elf he can’t be charmed, or else this is a very powerful charm effect. Gildur asks questions about what happened to his brother but they are left unanswered. Soon the conversation ends, Gildur has his Spellbook back and we also are given 300 PP as payment. Edwin has his rod. But there is definitely some tension in the air between these 2 wizards. I am sure that this will not be our last meeting with this wizard.

We are then dismissed by Edwin and we leave the House, Gildur very quiet on the trip back, Come to think of it no one even talks the whole way back to the Inn. As we arrive at the Inn, Jeaves approaches me. A worried look on his face. He says that he searched everywhere for Dennis anywhere in town. He was last seen in the accompaniment of a Woman named “Bella” in the Red Light District, But that was all he could get, since he was “politely” escorted out of the area.

Great!, so now i have to find Dennis and still see this stupid play again…..

athan_goodwill francois_p_sr

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