The Boreanlands

Strange Encounters in The Majus Ruins

Session 2


The party pushed forward into the ruins in their continued quest for the Sphere of Amber.

They encountered a pair of disgusting Gibbering Mouthers, which they quickly disposed of. They then made use of a magical transportation mirror to help them gain access to less accessible rooms of the academy.

After rummaging around in a decrepit classroom, they found a scroll of Comprehend Languages. They then encountered a fallen adventurer’s body, but were left with no time to wonder what befell him: a trio of animated armors sprung to life and rushed them. Their leader, an intricate armor held by a red glow, quickly identified the priority target and ordered his underlying to attack the mage. The party’s rapid and effective response managed to save their hides once again.

On the fallen adventurer they found 20gp and a Lesser Ring of Featherfall, with the name Keven inscribed in it.

After a short they found a small library which they searched thoroughly to reveal a book cover for the Book of Dragonborn volume V, and a scroll of Magic Missile.

Knowing that other rooms lied behind certain walls, owing to the plans Heironimous showed them, they quickly had the idea to move the mirror to access them.

Inside a pool of murky water they noticed what looked like a shiny object. The mage quickly sprung into action to attempt to grab it, only to awaken what slept within: a large Water Elemental. The battle-worn adventurers kept up the fight but the creature knocked the wind out of the Dragonborn Monk Eskiath. They got the best of it however and brought aid to their fallen comrade, as well as collecting the Elemental Sapphire the being got sucked into.

After patching themselves up some more, the party’s resident Dire Wolf (note: Vonin Grazgarr shapechanged) jumped into the next room to uncover a pair of skeletons embraced under a blanket. As he shook their bones, a brownish orange sphere rolled unto the floor with a note attached: “Ah my sweet Anna, I have finally found you”. This did indeed appear to be the Sphere of Amber they were sent to look for.

But before they could leave the ruins to celebrate, the mirror they were using to pass through walls backfired on them! They appeared in a very strange place: a small floating islet surrounded by other islands, a sea of stars and purple storm clouds, beneath a much larger floating continent. They had little time to inspect their surrounding as a large blood red beast was starring straight at them ready to attack, as if it had been waiting for something to kill all this time.

Carybdis, the party’s Rogue/Fighter, dashed for the portal behind the creature and the rest of the party quickly followed. Sir Gareth von Koenig swiftly broke the magical mirror and everyone collectively let out a sigh of relief. But where was that place and who or what was that creature?


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