The Boreanlands

The City of Val-Vale

Session 3


After making quick work of a bunch of magical rugs that were less than welcoming (mats), as well as a Mimic the mage wished was full of magic items (but who made due with a bunch of components it left behind), the party camped outside before making it back to Val-Vale.

There they were greeted with a very impressed Janis and Heironimous for having not only come back safely but with the Sphere of Amber in hand. Heironimous was also particularly curious about Sir Gareth’s notes on the East Wing of the Majus Ruins. The party asked him if there was anything he could do to break the curse on the Vicious Sword, which he offered to take a look at.

After selling off the components at Tinlink’s Amazing Emporium and stocking up on potions and scrolls, the party paid a visit to the Temple of Silvanus, where Sir Gareth and Vonin paid respects to the Forest Father. Through his pool of purity, the deity made his discontent about the various regions and pockets of natural disbalance clear: the Majus Ruins, pockets around the city and a growing unease with something in the North. The Temple showed its gratitude to Sir Gareth and Vonin for their generous 50gp donation by offering each of them a Lesser Candle of Invocation.

They then stopped by the Temple of Torm where Father Morgran greeted Carybdis, happy to see he was not sent to his death.

Janis The Just had told them to stay at the Five Dragons’ Inn and that they would get a discount. He would fetch them there once the preparations for the next step of the contract were taken (what was the next step? Janis was tight mouthed about that). After each of them picked their rooms, Carybdis told them about the Mysterious Rod as quietly as he could but some of his party members couldn’t keep their voices down, drawing some heads. He told them that while he was stealing it, it triggered a portal from which came a beast very similar to the one they saw on the floating island in whatever place the magic mirror in the Majus Ruins had taken them. He also told them that his old team members and the people who hired him were on the lookout for him and the rod.

While they were talking, a jolly merchant offered them a free ticket to go see a play at the Theater of The Iron Company. The party agreed afterwards to go pick up the Mysterious Rod that Carybdis had hidden in the Temple of Torm on the next day.

In the meantime they went to see the play, Love Lost on The Tear Shore. A story of the impossible love between a merfolk and a prince. The prince asks a mage to turn him into a merfolk but the mage refuses for fear of being prosecuted by his father. So the prince poisons his father and becomes king just to order the mage to do it. The mage does it and when the prince enters the ocean to find his lover, he learns that she was killed by Sahuagins paid by his mother. He then offs himself.

The whole time there is a beautiful horizon of a blue sea that meets a slowly setting sun. The colors of the sky fluctuate in a beautiful crescendo of colors, first blue, then orange, and pink and even red. The effect is so captivating that it almost steals the whole show.

After coming back to the inn energized from the viewing, the group saw another adventuring party boasting about their journey into the Majus Ruins. After Gildor put the loudmouth rogue of their party into place, the crew retired into their rooms.

During the night, many of the adventurers felt the incredible urge to go back to see the theater play once again. A feeling that seemed to jump out from within their skin and could hardly be quelled.

After the party retrieved the Mysterious Rod from the Temple of Torm, they were accosted by a dark group of people: “Give us the rod!” one of them shouted.


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