Dragonborn Monk of the Four Elements


There are no memories in Eskiath mind of his time before the monastery.

What his masters have always been told him is what the couple of merchant who found him told them: he was found in what looked like and improvised boat, made of wooden chest filled with straw, on the shore of the Sanguine Stream, south of the Boreanlands. He was covered in a blanket and had nothing on himself other than a small pendant, probably showing the symbol of his clan.

When he was found, he was probably no older than few weeks, given how small he was. The couple who found him, although initially scared by his appearance, decided to bring him at the monastery Deneir, where, as with any orphan that they are brought or come upon, the monks accepted him into their community. There he was given the name Eskiath, which means, in the old dialect of the region, orphan, and started his life as a disciple.

Given his faster development, he started training earlier than the other disciples, undergoing rigorous training and education. With the passing of the years he improved his knowledge of meditation techniques and the Ki, and developed his physique and combat skills: furthermore, given his natural predisposition with fire, after he turned 6, he was chosen as assistant of the master smith of the monastery, who happily taught him all the basics of forging metals.

On the side of his regular training, he always showed a lot of interest in the history and geography of the area where his clan village may have been and in history of dragons and of their sons the dragonborns. That’s why, in addition to the normal education, Eskiath was also taught draconic and origin, culture and tradition of his draconic ancestors, in order for him to not forget completely his origins.

Eskiath used to spend most of his day in the monastery either training or in the library studying: although he never had any trouble with his fellow disciples, being so different and growing faster than everyone else, made him grow up a little isolated from everyone else besides his masters. Moreover, given how dragonborns tend to scare people who never saw one, he was rarely asked to accompany member of the monastery for diplomatic missions or trades.

With the passing of the years, however, his curiosity towards knowing what happened to his clan and on life outside the monastery walls grew up, making him nervous and hard to deal with.

Therefore, once he turned 15 (his birthday was decided to be 2 months before he was brought to the monastery) the elder master of the order decided to assign him as companion of one of the explorer monk of the order.

After 2 years of constant trip outside the monastery, traveling the region around it and adventuring progressively further and further, at the age of 17, he was finally ready to start his journey alone. And fate lead him to Val-Vale, and from now one, is a story that has to be written.

Eskiath is a quite solitary personality: he doesn’t dislike being around people (he basically grew up in a family of hundreds of brothers), but he prefers to be alone, often in meditation. However, having spent most of his life in the monastery, he is very curious and is looking to do and get to know as many things as possible. At the same time, he craves to find out more information on dragonborns and most of all his disappeared clan.

The life in the monastery taught him how there’s no order without chaos, and no good without evil: however, given his metallic (brass) dragon ancestry, he had that innate leaning towards good and against the evil.

Even if respectful, he does not stand arrogance and people who think they can take advantage of his young age, and is characterized by a certain temper and stubbornness that may make him a hard person to deal with, if he’s taken in the wrong moment.


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