The Boreanlands

The Adventure Begins
Session 1


Our party finds itself answering to the call for brave adventurers that was posted: “Your great services are required. Val-Vale’s stronghold is in need of strong seasoned adventurers to take on a task of great importance. Handsome reward upon fulfillment.”

They met Janis The Just, the commander of the King’s guard and leader of Val-Vale’s city which personally vetted them. After swearing them to secrecy about all employment details. He called on the court mage Heironimous to give them information on the component he is sending them to find: a Sphere of Amber, as well as the place they’re hoping they can find one, the East Wing of The Majus Ruins.

What purpose will this component serve? Janis refused to answer anymore questions about it; “We’ll see if you come back alive anyway.”

The old academy ruins proved to be a treacherous place, riddled with slimy occupants and haunted swords. Amongst them the party found a Vicious Sword, which they wisely took precautions with. After part of the party played a dangerous chess game, while others opted to bash a door in, they arrived at a central juncture. There, in the darkness, they began hearing the babbling of what seemed to be a hundred voices.

Call For All Brave Adventurers of Skill
Setting Details

Your great services are required. Val-Vale’s stronghold is in need of strong seasoned adventurers to take on a task of great importance. Handsome reward upon fulfillment.

“The last bunch that went was never heard from again. Word now has it that Lord Heinrick will grant almost any wish to those who would be successful, might finally catch the ear of a few ambitious types…”

Our adventure starts in the stronghold’s hall, where your character is waiting to have an audience and offer his services to the Lord of Val-Vale.


The Boreanlands is a very wild and untamed territory, largely inhospitable and poorly documented. Tales describing fantastic Borean creatures are shared in pubs across the continent, each sounding more absurd than the last, to the point where no one knows what to believe. The map provided is only a rough representation of the area.


The surrounding crescent of forest and hills makes for ideal hiding spots for nomadic Orcs and Hobgolins, among other creatures, leaving exposed villages vulnerable to constant raids. The populous, northernmost walled city of Val-Vale has managed to survive through the ages, miraculously at times.

DM Note

In this campaign your character can be good, neutral or evil. Tensions are normal, just don’t betray or split the party! You know you won’t be able to achieve your goals without them. You begin at level 4 and start with the initial gold provided by your class and background, as described in the PHB, along with an addition 300 gold you can spend in advance. You can sell your starting gear for 50% of market price if you want to change it.


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