Sir Gareth von Koenig

A Half-Elf Noble/Knight from the Dalelands. Who has traveled to the farthest reaches in search of adventure.


Sir Gareth von Koenig. Paladin 3. Oath of the Vengeance.
Half-Elf male. 24 yo. Ranger 2.
Hgt: 5’11". Wgt: 145lbs Deity: Silvanus.
Hair: Long Dirty Blond Ponytail.
Eyes: Green
Str: 16 Int: 10 A/C: 18/20.
Dex: 12 Wis: 14 HP’s: 48.
Con: 16 Cha: 17

Saves: Str +3 Int: +0
Dex: +1 Wis: +3
Con: +3 Cha: +3

Armor: Scale mail + Shield.
Weapons: Lance, Long Bow, Long sword, Flail, Dagger.
Retinue of staff:
- Squire: Jeaves Smitheers of Daggerdale. Half -Elf Male.
- Groomsman: Dennis Snow of Icewinddale. Human Male.
- Servant: Jeanine Nightshade of Deepingdale. Half-Elf Female.


Sir Gareth von Koenig is the youngest of 5, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Born to a Human Mother and Elven Father. His mother was the daughter of a very successful merchant family that originated in the Battledale area. His father also came from a well off Elven merchant clan in the Cormanthor Forest. He was killed helping to defend the Elven court and the Dalelands during the dark days of war during and after the spell plague, But not before he was Knighted by the Elven Court in the Forest of Cormanthor before their demise at the hands of roving warbands of Goblinoids and Orc’s that came from the Northern and Eastern realms.

Gareth and his siblings having been raised mostly by their mother and extended family that survived the Spellplague attacks. Gareth as a young boy always felt the pull of the adventurers life style at an early age. Growing up in the Dalelands with all the events happening around Shadowdale, hearing tales of the events up in Icewind dale and the cities of Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, Etc. He was easily swayed, getting himself in trouble a lot of the time. Especially in his early to mid teens. He didn’t really spend much time with his siblings at home. They preferred to busy themselves with the life of the court, working to be accepted into the politics of governing or currying favor from the other minor nobles. Since being the youngest, Gareth did what he was supposed to do as far as the duties of his station required of him. He made sure not to embarrass his family on to many occasions. Although he didn’t always succeed, which kind of gave him a reputation as a family renegade of sorts. Soon events in Gareth’s life would put a stop to his carefree outlook on life.
One night after his 16th birthday, after his being apprenticed by a local Knight, His first taste of adventure led him to the bigger world. The Knight and his party of Human, Elven and Dwarven compatriots took up the task of going into the Cormathor Forest, Their mission was to clear out an old shrine dedicated to Silvanus near the Elven court ruins. It is there that Gareths first taste of adventure got the best of him. After a several years of discovery, hardship, fighting and loss. Gareth came home to Battledale, tired of the 4 years of constantly moving around, He yerned for some rest and solitude. He brought home with him the skills of a Ranger and also The zeal of a holy warrior, his dedication to Silvanus burning strongly in his heart. His position as a Senior Squire was well earned, Soon after his arrival home, his dream of being a Knight was granted and he was given the Oath of the Ancients. Tasked with Defending his Temple as a Paladin of Silvanus. He was very proud of his accomplishments. His mother was very proud to have him home, His older siblings were not though. For they knew that they were not meant for greater positions, having fallen to the pettiness and politics of the court. They were the epitome of the faults of the Aristocratic system. Since Gareth had not been spoiled by the court, He dedicated his life to his temple and his mother. Taking care of her and when she was sick, His staff whose loyalty was to him and those in his charge. Even though he was entitled to a very opulent and grand estate of his own, he chose to live in a modest home built on his families land near the Temple. His peace and solitude unfortunately did not last very long.

During a family outing,1 Brother and 1 sister were killed after they were attacked by an Orc led raiding party, He fought valiantly to try to save them. Even his powers of healing didn’t prevent them from slipping away. He was devastated, He returned to his mother and Temple a different man. He clutched in his hand a torn piece of banner from the raiding party as he told his mother of the events. His mother seemed disappointed in Gareth, and his inability save his brother and sister. So Gareth took it upon himself to travel until the ends of the realms to find the Orc warband responsible, and to take his revenge on them for what they did.

Sir Gareth with his Loyal Squire Jeaves, Groomsman Dennis and Servant Jeanine left Dalelands on there quest over a year ago to no avail. Along the way they were way layed by a band of renegade goblinoids, which killed there horses and destroyed their wagon. That is how Sir Gareth and company have arrived in the City of Val-Vale, with just their possessions on their backs. Hoping that somehow he will be able to make enough coin to continue his quest……

Sir Gareth von Koenig

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